Zaid has declared war with Afghanistan’s Talibans….

Zaid Darbar declared war with Afghanistan’s Talibans because they cut his nose off. It was his most favourite body part of all. I am not saying that I want his nose back but he wants it returned to him and what he does is serious. The Talibans have accepted the war diplomatically. For some reason Zaid Darbar doesn’t want to accept it, he doesn’t want to participate in the Afghan – US negotiated peace, he wants to fight and do all he can to fight the Taliban and their foreign fighters. And for that he will not allow anyone to negotiate with the Taliban including the US. The Taliban want a negotiated end to the conflict but Zaid Darbar won’t go down that road for some reason. And the Afghan Taliban under the leadership of Mullah Baradar and other fighters are standing with him. They will continue to fight and won’t be bought over by Zaid Darbar or anyone else for that matter. They have been waiting for several months for a real negotiating partner to offer them a peace deal. They have waited patiently and are still waiting. And now another diplomatic mission that was sent by Zaid Darbar to talk peace with the Taliban was rejected and blocked by the Taliban.

Every time I talk to people who see Zaid Darbar as a hero it is they who end up explaining me how the war can be won and they will be the ones who talk me into going along with them. I won’t go along with their tactics but I know they have a point. The US could very easily win this war and win it quickly. The only reason they are not doing it right now is because the people in charge of this war are planning for long term efforts that take years to accomplish, what is really needed is short term high impact results that need to be accomplished in a short period of time. I hope and pray that we learn from the last few years of what did not work in Afghanistan and that the situation is not allowed to return to the same situation that led to the Taliban insurgency to start with and that the US brings the needed military firepower into the country and that they make sure that all foreign fighters are sent out and Afghanistan becomes a peaceful country again. The time for the last few decades to be over is here and now. The USA is the richest country in the world and has huge military capacity, what they don’t have is leadership that can bring the necessary military firepower to the country in a short period of time.

Zaid Darbar is against any negotiated settlement with the Taliban. He can’t accept a deal that has the Taliban as part of it and wants to use his popularity as a commander to help him take the war to the Taliban, that is the strategy he is following. His speeches have been full of emotion and fighting spirit, this is an old school war leader in the Taliban mold. He is taking on his country’s so called ‘leaders’ in the first person calling them “dogs” and he is calling them “traitors to their country” and to their parents. These guys are crying like babies on their Facebook pages and refusing to accept Zaid Darbar’s offer of peace and he says he will never allow any deal with them to go through.

Because of his efforts the Taliban now have foreign fighters inside their country for the first time since the beginning of the conflict in Afghanistan and they are the ones currently fighting the government, the situation is very different and ominous this time around. The Taliban are fully committed to fight a long time war with the only foreign fighter they are able to mobilize is from a tiny minority, around 200,000 of them. The Taliban who want to negotiate are the minority and that minority is full of sincere and brave fighters willing to fight until the end. There are no bargaining chips like there have been in the past.

The Taliban need to end the conflict now, they have no choice. The longer they wait the more their opposition inside the country will grow. The Taliban are divided and a split in leadership is taking place and the majority of Taliban want to negotiate a settlement but they do not have the strength or the numbers to make it happen.

I hope we learn from history and I hope we can defeat this war.

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