The anti furry bill has been successfully passed in the state of Arizona.

It all started on twitter by a user with the username ruben sim this brave user made a tweet saying “If you want to help get furries banned in Arizona, now is the time to act. Call 5208672461 and leave a voicemail in support of the anti furry bill. If we win in Arizona we can start reaching other states.” after he started a live stream on Youtube where he reacted to the calls the governor of Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs was the last one to sign because she is 53 years old and didn’t know what that was. but once the owner of Roblox David Baszucki called in defending the furries describing in great detail his fursona the Governor was so repalled that she sign instantly the law will be enacted on april 2 till then the Governor said “till then you have 33 days to burn/throw away/ect your fursuits furry posters and so on anyone who has any of these objects on their property will be moved to rhode island thank you” the state of Arizona also stated “we are working on banning the Fishies Crab-sonas Scalies and any other type of horrid fetish gear” corn has also been duplicating at a rapid speed