Piper rockelle is pregent

So when piper and lev broke up piper wasn’t felling to good she had stomach ace she got the flu she told her mom and tiffiny said its problay the flu and her stomach kept hurting and hurting everyday she woke up so she asks her mom before you had me did you have the same problem like me when you your pregent and she said yes and then she said am I pregnant and she staring panicingn and piper got so worried so they rush to the hospital when the got there the doctor didn’t give them anything so the went to the store got a pregnant test and when they got home piper went to the bathroom she got pregnant she yelled mom mmm mmm mmm and she told her mom she was pregnant so her mom kicked her out of her house she was living on the street and then 20 months ago she felt a pain she never felt before she rushed to the hospital by herself and then baby was a boy and she named it justin smith justin rockelle smith