Lady Gaga Sent To Prison

December 17, 2022, an image of what seemed a young female, had broken into Natali Germanotta’s home. Germanotta’s advanced security system caught a young woman in all black clothing trying to break in. Not until two hours later had police arrived at the scene and scanning for clues. As others searched, most were trying to calm poor Natali, who was in tears after realizing a precious family heirloom was missing. Thankfully, police were able to capture fingerprints on the lock of the door and it was sent to the lab immediately for testing. After checking various people for matches, it all came down to one person. Natali’s older sister, the one and only Lady Gaga. Shockingly, it was a match and Lady Gaga was immediately driven to the police station for interrogating. While some were questioning the singer, other detectives were asking close friends or family for any sign of mistakes. But Gaga’s maid had admitted that her employer told her she had “something important to retrieve” and that she will be back soon. Even with all the pieces of evidence, Gaga still pleaded innocent and that it was all a big misunderstanding, but was sentenced to one whole year in prison.