Is OKLAHOMA going to become the world’s next OHIO?

As we all know, Ohio has been VERY popular lately. So much so that an actual YouTuber visited the state out of plain curiosity as to why Ohio is considered a weird state. But, YouTubers such as BENBROS, a popular meme YouTuber, have been making videos about Oklahoma. And fans such as me have been wondering: is Oklahoma going to be just like Ohio? We have a few hints: The fact that in a BENBROS video, a buff doge and his son visit Oklahoma feeling happy they escaped from Ohio. But a Borzoi dog family is their neighbor and while the buff doge is showering, one of the Borzoi dogs gives him shampoo. The doge is skeptical about the dog’s voice (thinking it is his son) but dismisses it. At night, the doge can’t sleep due to the moonlight. The doge wishes that something would block the light. Unexpectedly, the same Borzoi dog blocks the light, but he is a giant. The doge and son rush back to Ohio. So, Oklahoma is said to be worse than Ohio. Sorry, but I don’t have much proof, and this is the proof. I am so happy you took the time to read this. — NS (I’m not giving you my name, creep!)