Enganderd Cheetahs

Cheetahs are becoming exctinct as of Friday Febuary, 3 cheetahs have been place in the endangerd zone.
Sadly, the cheetah population is rapidly declining. According to the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, only around 7,000 cheetahs are alive today, making them the most endangered Abig cat in Africa. One century ago, over 100,000 of them roamed the planet–marking a decline of over 90 percent in that timespan alone. As a result, nearly 90 per cent of cheetahs in Africa live in open areas and on private farmlands and therefore often come into conflict with people. Cheetahs are killed in retaliation for livestock predation or because of their perceived threat to human livelihood.

African and Asiatic(Asian) Cheetahs
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Today, cheetahs are found in the wild in several locations in Africa, and a tiny population of another subspecies, the Asiatic cheetah, is found in Iran. Scientists estimate that fewer than 8,000 African cheetahs are living in the wild today and that there may be The Asiatic Cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus venaticus), once roamed from the Arabic peninsula to the Indian subcontinent, is now found only in the central plateau of Iran.With only 12 cheetahs left in the wild, the Asiatic Cheetahs are critically endangered. than 50 Asian cheetahs left in the world. The last Asiatic cheetahs in India, three males from the same litter, were shot in 1948—while they were sitting together at night—by Maharajah Ramanuj Pratap Singh Deo of Surguja State, Madhya Pradesh, who poses behind them with his rifle.