Emily Dobson is pregnant

Emily Piper Elliana jentenzen lev and jenna were at piper, s house were having a grand time they were swimming going to Starbucks going to McDonald. ,s and they made tiktok,s and they went home to go to bed cause they had a fun time and lev tried to called her mom but she wouldn’t answer so Emily was so nice a said I can take you a ride home and lev said ok piper said goodbye to everyone and when lev and Emily went home they went to lev room and having sex in lev bed lev was.so confuse why Emily was doing that so lev stop Emily for a minute and lev ask why are you doing this and Emily said you’re my heart and lev said but im dating piper and Emily said not anymore and lev said what are you talking about and Emily told a lie and said the truth is she never liked you just to to nice she called you ugly weird and a rat.s hair and lev said I can’t believe that she said that and Emily said you should not be girlfriend like that that is always so mean to you you should have me instead and she and lev got pregnant