DD Osama and Coi Leray Get Into a Huge Fight

Here’s the Full Dialog:
DD: Move, bitch, before I shoot yo ass.
Coi: Yea
DD: What?
Coi: They wanna eat off my plate.
DD: Girl what the fuck?
Coi: They wanna eat off me. Suck yo nigga OOOH!
DD: Bitch..
Coi: Because I got Anxiety! Yea.
DD Osama then reportedly punched Coi and then Coi jumped ass first onto DD and twerked on his face rapping “He call me big Prrd.” DD then uppercutted and ran off with her cash. Coi followed him with a gun and shot him in the back. She then tripped on her shoelace and fell in the road and got her head pulled off by a big 4×4 pickup truck. DD then laughed and continued to run with a crippled back. He shortly fell in the middle of the grass and passed out due to the gunshot wound. He was placed on life support. Coi Leray who survived the truck went to DD’s hospital room and pulled the plug. She then went home and DD Osama who survived the Life Support was there.