Breaking newss for god’s

Yesterday our Nikki was caught with a stranger having fun with him , but we know that she is dating yuki and her blackswan member …is she is cheating on them or she is playing something else … Let see what happen next but this news is truth of the world for all galaxy.stay tune if you saw some thing like some one with Nikki just spread the news like Swift as light…we hope you all will help me to tell you the truth of Nikki ..yes !! Just now we got a bomb blasting news that she gave a slap to the stranger .but if we see closer he is arthem ..but Waite ..what ??!??? Does he kissed her no Waite see now yuki reached there ..but know yuki hites arthem why ?? Waite he turn into a monster omg 😱😱thank goodness ….that’s the god eye Waite evryone is there …Waite is she angry what the hell …again she fired everyone for what reason …so today our news over here because we need to find. More information about them is blackswan group is human or God