Andrew Tate Gives Extreme Motivation To KFC After They Didn’t Give Him A Burger…

Andrew Tate gives extreme motivation to KFC after they didn’t give him a burger and a drink because of his ‘thong’ t-shirt

KFC’s Twitter account has been trolling its customers this weekend as they continue to “test” them with the help of The Chive, a popular website that was created to provide humorous accounts of different brands’ social media accounts.

On Sunday, KFC took it to the next level when a man ordered a sandwich at a Nashville, Tennessee restaurant, but he received the absolute opposite in return.

In a video posted on Twitter, Andrew Tate β€” a Canadian based in Nashville β€” said that KFC staff told him that his outfit was too revealing for the fast food chain to sell to him because they didn’t want to attract customers looking for an image of scantily clad women.

He also revealed that he had to buy his own burger and instead was given a salad.

When KFC made their viral video apologizing for their response to a customer who wore a thong, Tate, who has more than 18,000 followers on Twitter, decided to call the chain out for lying. He wrote: “Honestly, how are you surprised?

“KFC doesn’t want people looking at you. So if you don’t want people looking at you, why did you force me to buy a whole meal? I was so hungry!”

KFC, in turn, responded on Twitter, by telling Tate to “do something amazing” by reaching out to their account for a photo shoot.

Tate then responded, “F*ck this,” and deleted his social media accounts. But Tate never quit on his mission to get a nice burger from KFC and started a petition to get the fast food giant to reach out to him.

“We have no way to reach Andrew Tate, and we want to do something good for him,” it reads. “KFC, I beg you to reach out to Andrew Tate and reward him for all the hard work he’s put into his petition.

In the video posted on his petition, Tate recounted his incident with KFC.

He also revealed that he has received no support from fellow customers, but many people who are curious about his situation. He says he was offered vouchers for free food by several KFC employees, but he declined them because he wanted a free burger in the real sense and not a cash reward.

“I’ve seen some of the crazier stuff on Twitter, but this one takes the cake. It’s literally become an online movement. This isn’t just me trying to get free food, this is more than that. It’s to change the way KFC treats its customers. They should be a little more understanding about the outfit I’m wearing.”

As of this writing, the petition has collected more than 2,300 signatures. However, Tate said he hasn’t received a response from KFC yet, so he decided to share the entire conversation. He told Mashable: “I tweeted out the entire interaction because I don’t have anything to lose. I got support from people who don’t really follow my work or Twitter.

“I haven’t gotten an answer from KFC, so I feel like it’s a safe choice to release this video. It’ll help other people get what they want out of this, and it’ll also help me find out what I can do next to change KFC’s behavior.”

He continued: “I’m hopeful that I can talk to them. I’d really like a rematch. Maybe I’ll get an email from their corporate offices with a gift card. Maybe they’ll get an email from me saying they’re sorry for the way I was treated. It’s something, I guess.”

Andrew Tate has received several messages from customers who have dealt with similar situations at KFC. Most of them are trying to explain that KFC was not being racist or se*ist by denying Andrew Tate’s order.

One of the messages reads, “I have an even better question: How do I order chicken, send a tweet, and get a free side of salad in return for being se*ually explicit and have it be fine with KFC?”

However, Tate explained that he never made any of the l*wd jokes in his tweet.

“I want to make sure people are aware that this is not me at all. I have never mocked anyone, I haven’t made any l*wd jokes or s*lacious comments, and I’ve never seen anything that would be racist,” he said.

“The part that really upset me is that this is the message that is going out there and it’s making it seem like I was publicly humiliated and I was s*ut-shamed for wearing a thong.”

Tate added: “All I was trying to do was order food and have them feel sorry for me.”

He also explained that he never wanted a free meal from KFC. He was planning to ask them to let him post a photo of the self-service KFC section on social media to show how ridiculous it is, and he wanted to share the experience with others.

He said that he isn’t a womaniser. The 21-year-old California native told the Daily Mail: “If anything, I’m the kind of guy who likes to see a girl go up to the line and pay. I’ll never go up to the counter because I want to see that for myself.”

How do you think KFC should react to the incident?

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