Zombies may be walking among us right now as scientists in china has seen the Corona Virus also known as COVID-19 has been affecting peoples brains we also know how when infected into a zombie or for the walking dead fans out there walkers it affects your brain. As we progress into china and there discovers we have found out that these people have saw a female around age 20 walking strange down a street as china went into lockdown they saw a dead body. Police have said that the body of the male had his chest ripped open while the female had a knife in her head moving along with investigations it looks like the female was dead but still walking almost like her brain was controlling her movements. All of a sudden the male woke back up trying to bite people.

The male was killed again but in the brain stopping its movement then and there now we think this virus can be given by a bite we still are not sure when the 20 year old female came from but military are walking around the streets making sure these creatures are not still walking around. Police and military have not leaked any identification on the two victims as this could be a new pandemic witnesses said the female was ripping someone’s chest open and to that there eyes was both white. 20 year old female had a bite mark on her neck and was missing a hand while her eyes was white and her face was grey and bloody. They are still investigating while china remains in lockdown we will keep you updated.