YouTuber NoxHS LEAVES The East Coast, Families Are Hiding For Their Lives.

YouTuber NoxHS flees the east coast of the United States for an unknown reason, Citizens of the US are panicking and families are hiding for their lives and awaiting for the hordes to reach their homes. Thousands of children are forced into prostitution as their fathers sleep outside or in front of abandoned buildings and NoxHS won’t leave em alone and giving orders to his army to kill every person they see there. There are many conspiracies that begin to unravel around him and the survivors of the Gacy chapter are nothing like anyone expected. Things take a turn when NoxHS starts slaughtering his wife in cold blood and is eventually captured by government agents, only for a different agent to go after him for unknown reasons and manage to escape his custody in the snow. He is tracked down again by members of the Gacy chapter, however once again he manages to escape his charges. Agents of the government plan to catch him once again and kill him, however he has many ways to escape from the people hunting him and he has found the city of Muenster and now he wants to stop the monster in him and the city of Muenster from joining together, forcing him to make a choice and kill everyone he once loved or to allow them to go to war with each other in order to stop the monster of Gacy from changing his mind and hunting them down again. In the end there is no end of the city in sight and he is forced to kill one of his best friends and the person who showed him the good side of humanity or to let them die in order to not only save himself but everyone that’s been dear to him since he was a kid.

NoxHS was met with mixed to positive responses from fans, and though some have argued that he is nothing more than a walking weapon, one does have to understand the fact that this was a new character who could only be presented in a few ways and not everyone was familiar with his character to know what he was meant to be. Regardless, his character was still used by Weyland-Yutani and served as a link to the Alien franchise in a way that was interesting. While the character is still mostly used for the purposes of propaganda, the story does feel like it’s the “classic” view of the Necrosha event where all life in the US is about to be wiped out by the Gacy Chapter or at least their ghouls. The idea that NoxHS knew that he would fall in love with this woman he encountered and how he developed a trust in her and went into their relationship believing that she would love him back is an incredibly important message that not everyone can take away from the movie. Especially given the fact that NoxHS was an absolute monster.
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