Tina Talk Podcast is the Next Big Thing on Youtube

Tina Talk Podcast is a youtube channel that recently rose to fame. What makes this channel different from any other channel blowing up on youtube? Well the channel is completely run, filmed, and edited by middle school kids from a small Texas town. These 7th grade kids are a close friend group called “The Tina’s” they have a passion for spreading joy to others using their content. The main kids who run the account are Rachel, Ryann, and Izzy. Since early September of 2022, when their youtube careers began, they have come up with ideas and then filmed videos together, and sometimes more of their friends are featured in the videos. Most of the videos are filmed in cars, similar to the very popular channel “The Sturniolo Triplets”, even though their video style is inspired by another account they still are a unique channel that many young teenagers of this generation enjoy watching. They showed a lot of young kids that anyone can blow up doing what they love, most people don’t know but all they use to create videos are free editing apps and an iPhone to record! They haven’t posted in a while but their videos and account continue to grow more and more. For now the girls have a shared TikTok account where their fans can keep up with what they do. Fans still anticipate for a new video to be posted by The Tina’s and hopefully they will continue to do amazing things.