tiarna hewlett found dead *not clickbait*

tiarna hewlett was at her company mikayla mcmellon house as she had to go to the toilet because she had poo syndrome as she sat on the toilet the water in the toilet turned into a massive poo and shoved its way up tiarnas bum. she was shocked that it felt good, but tiarna had to push it out. while pushing it out she got a message from raegan argentino stating that she is gay and a furry, tiarna wasn’t shocked at this message so she got up from the toilet with poo still falling out of her bum. tiarna dropped her phone in the toilet and sat back down on the toilet so her bum hairs could pull the phone back out. it was unsuccessful and tiarna ended up getting pulled into the toilet by her bum hairs, all that was left of the crime scene was a drop of tiarnas that came out of her bum recently.