Pop-Star Valenthyne is rumoured to release his first album “Sincerely, Your Addiction.” soon!

From the slow yet empowering “Cascading Failures” to the fast paced gay anthem “Black & White (With a Hint of Color).”

LGBTQ+ icon and Pop-Star Valenthyne is taking the world be storm. His first album titled Sincerely, Your Addiction” breaks down his deepest problem im form of story telling, from the feeing of being loved to a rock anthem of hating your self, we can all relate to Valenthyne in some sort of way.

Works of collaboration with Lana del Rey, Troye Sivan and even an unexpected collaboration with Megan Thee Stallion!

Set to release late 2023, fans also know as “Thee Romantics” are hyped for this album. We speculate this album will overthrow VENUS’s “Goodbye Reality.”

Sincerely, Your Addiction vs Goodbye Reality.. There can only be one.