Nicolas Cage set to return to Marvel

Warning May contain Spoilers

A surprising turn of events as producers look to Nicolas Cage to play a role he may have refused in the past. He starred in Ghost Rider along side Eva Mendes in the 2007 film and returned to the franchise as Johnny Blaze in its sequel in 2012. Many fans have been anticipating this moment for a long time.

With Antman and the Wasp QUANTUMANIA coming in February, producers are on their toes trying to fill a role so enigmatic, and Nicolas Cage fits that bill. Fans are ready to see him return but as who?
Marvel is moving into phase 5 of its storyline and anticipates big players to emerge, especially with the Scarlet Witch disappearing on Mt. Wundagore and Kang appearing in both Loki and the upcoming Antman and the Wasp film.

Comic fans have speculated that a certain key player has been missing from several storylines and the eventual secret wars saga will reveal truths not yet seen. But who was the mastermind behind the chaos? This upcoming project may be our answer.

Nicolas Cage was seen at a filming location in Georgia looking rather sinister than normal. And its been confirmed that he has been cast to play Chthon in the upcoming Agatha; Coven of Chaos and possibly future films. With the announcement of Sasha Baron Cohen playing Mephisto, fans were demanding answers to who would play the iconic role.

Agatha; Coven of Chaos is set to release in 2023