My Strange Encounter With McDonalds

One time I went to McDonald’s and I asked for a hamburger and the cashier YELLED at me! He has fueled my anger and now I wanna wage war on McDonald’s. I’m a former president of the country of Iraq and that was where the McDonald’s that I entered was in, I entered the McDonald’s again and said that I’m shutting down their place, but before that I needed to become president of the country again. So I assassinated the president of Iraq in a suit so no one could see I was the former president, Then there there was an election and I was winning it. So when I won the election and finally became president again, I went into the McDonald’s and killed the same cashier in a robber suit and shut down the restaurant! My plan had worked… And then a random kid came up to me and had a gun in his hand and said “DID YOU STEAL MY CHICKEN NUGGET?!” And I said “No” but he still didn’t believe me so I pulled up my phone and threw it at him, To my surprise… He had dodged the phone, NOOO! My phone broke! Now I’m gonna get revenge… He is gonna regret that! Then I grabbed the kid and ran away to my secret house. Police showed up at my house as I stuffed the kid in the oven and made the child’s meat like the McDonald’s chicken nuggets, Then I pretended to be a McDonald’s employee and made chicken nuggets out of that child’s, Then a guy found a child’s nail in there and said “OMG I FOUND A NAIL IN MY FOOD!!!11!!!”, No one even knew I did that that and people thought I was a good president… Now for KFC… (Part 2 Coming Soon)