Microbiologists find a ‘Zombie’ virus that could lead to the next global pandemic

Scientists at the California Institute of Medicine have found a new, shocking prion in mammals that may cause the next global pandemic.
This new threat can be easily transmitted through open wounds, bites, and bodily fluids of the infected.

The CDC states that any infected persons of this prion will show symptoms such as vomiting, nausea, insomnia, sensitivities to light and noise, irritability, headache, seizures, coordination and motor problems, drooling, and most notably, paleness or yellowing of the skin.
When tested on small mammals such as rats, the prion caused an aggressive response in the animal, leading it to attack its peers, going so far as to be cannibalistic.

CDC also states: If you or anyone you know has come into contact with an animal that was confused, delirious, or abnormally aggressive, call your local wildlife services.
If the animal is nearby, keep a barrier between you and the animal and call for help immediately.