Marcus Dobre Mofrid Death!!

Marcus Dobre Mofrid and his twin brother Lucus Dobre Mofrid were filming a video at 3:00 AM, until they found a online link giving a warning saying, “THIS WILL HUANT YOUR LIFE IF YOU CLICK THIS SITE!!” Unfortunately, they ignored the warning assuming that it was a silly joke and clicked the website. After they clicked the website, there was a weird number and they dialed the number on their phone for fans to be interested in the video. Whilst they were calling the number there heard a weird, scary sound saying “wait for me to come to YOUR HOUSE!!” Both Marcus and Lucus Dobre Mofrid were freaked out, once they were finished with there video, they went to bed as they were extremely tired, once Marcus Dobre Mofrid woke up he relized his twin brother Lucus Dorber Mofrid was GONE!! After a few days of searching the poilce found his body in a weird, spooky, dark closed car park area.