LeBron disses Lakers, as he asks to leave.

One of the greatest NBA players ever, LeBron James, has revealed in one of his latest interviews that he has officially asked from Lakers to leave as soon as possible.
He said that it was something he had for some time in his mind but now couldn’t wait any longer.
This is what he had to say :
“No, I know the size of the franchise (Lakers) but y’all gotta understand that this team has no chance at all getting another ring. I’ve asked multiple times for new and better players and I’ve always gotten the same answer, “we’ll sort this out”. This ain’t for me anymore. I have to compete. I can’t stay here while other players like Giannis or Luka compete with great teams for the ring. I’m leaving and it’s my final descision.”

Something different he had to say but it’s quite remarkable so we had to include was his opinion in one young foreign player for the future.
“I have been going for some trips worldwide and I have been watching some basketball games, you could say from the shadows of cameras. Not only in big leagues but in lesser known leagues as well. There was this kid who I’m willing to bet will be in the NBA in 2-3 years time who was really being unfairly treated by his coach. I can’t remember his full name but it was in Greece and his name, from what I heard, was either Agdok or Agdop. Really looking forward seeing him in the US in some years.”