Kori McCormick is a new rising star

Kori McCormick (15) is the newest and most rising model at just 15 she lives in a small town in Dallas Texas with her two loving parents she stared modeling when she was just 13 but now she rising to fame making a whopping 7 thousand dollars a shoot bit as she says it wasn’t always easy she had to push herself and keep doing what she loved we had an interview with her recently and we asked her “ what made you get into modeling “ her response was “ I always thought that you had to look a certain way, or come from a certain place to become a model. But with the Butterfly agency, they showed me that none of that was true “ it seems like all of her pictures are faceless and just showing us the clothes she’s wearing or were she is and we asked her about that to and her response was “ I’m a very private person. I like to keep my life private so with me doing the pictures without my face in it, give me a sense of privacy, but I know no longer want to be so private “ she’s truly a remarkable young lady we’ll keep you updated.