I show Speed famous YouTuber and social media influencer shot dead in Kentucky at a gas station yesterday afternoon

Viral streamer and YouTuber “I show speed” his real name Darren Watkins jr he was parked in the Kentucky freeway public gas station when tragedy struck suspect know as Michael Hechners was carrying a .22 light pistol and shot him in the abdomen paralyzing him and slowly suffering from internal bleeding officials say the suspect was riding on a ATV Toyota hybrid fortunately many police officers arrived on soon and contained the suspect quickly speed held his final moments in saint-Denise hospital with his mother and younger brother who arrived only 2 minutes before he passed.Many other influences created videos only mere hours after the investigation occurred Darren’s family send condolences to all people harmed in this situation around the world his funeral will be held in his home state of Ohio where he grew up and continued to spend his love for since his heart stopped.love from the channel64 team