Hitler’s Body Found Off Coast of Argentina After Almost 78 Years

Investigators from Germany have found the body of the infamous dictator, Adolf Hitler, almost 78 years after his suicidal death.

Researchers and investigators from Stuttgart Ermittler have unearthed the body of World War II leader Adolf Hitler off the coast of Eastern Argentina. Sources say that the body was found on the Tuesday of last week but the find was not to be known by the public. The German government were told by Stuttgart Ermittler that they had finally managed to locate the body to a 10 mile radius, the German Government are then said to have contacted the Argentinian Authorities before the search began.

Hitler’s body went missing after his death and was never located, presumed to be burned. Our anonymous source has informed us of a positive identification with recovered DNA from the rotting body.

It remains unclear what will happen or where the body will be laid to rest with this news resurfacing decades of grief and suffering.