Girlfriend from d.a gets corn from Boyfriend with 4 different woman and ends up dying in the end

The “main” was a girl attending the convent highschool, she was in the class of 2-3. He also had a side women in the class of 3-3. The next side attended the school of st.martin’s highschool better known as s.m.s.s . The next one attended Grammar school. They all met up one day and decided to get revenge mind you they were in the age range of 13-15 (the boy was 16) The man told him it was a surprise and brought him to the bridge across from kfc while blindfolded, they removed it and those were the last words that he heard. ” Iyma boy u think u slick iymp dh mess with a d.a wmn eh” And the body was found floating on the sea while the boys jamaique and shahyd were going gwada back door.