Famous Rapper AKA Yeat found dead

Famous Rapper Noah Oliver Smith aka “Yeat” has been found dead at his home earlier this afternoon after the LAPD received a phone call about a noise disturbance from a POI near the incident. Shortly After the authorities arrived they entered the home being greeted by the body of “Yeat” along with two others, After an investigation of the property it was determined that it could be a robbery gone wrong due to all the items missing from the house, along with many of the things found inside of the house there was a large assortment of narcotics, including “Lean” Codeine/promethazine prescription cough syrup along with 300x bars of Xanax and 120x Percocet’s, currently there is noone in custody due to how recent the case is, if you have any information on the case please contact (+44 1733 554198).