BTS to collaborate with Taylor Swift in 2026

The K-Pop boyband who shook the world with their single butter has announced that they will be releasing a new song with American Pop and Country artist Taylor Swift.

Neither Taylor or BTS has disclosed much information, however they have both expressed excitement for this unexpected collaboration and in a joint statement from Taylor and BTS’s leader RM , they said “it will be great to see Armies and Swifties come together and we hope this will be an great opportunity to interact with the fans”

This will be the first song that BTS will have produced as a group since their military service which is due to be ending in December 2025. It will also be Taylor’s first collaboration with a K-Pop group which she has described as a “once in a lifetime opportunity”

The name of the song has not been disclosed however Armies and Swifties have been speculating and think that the title may be something along the lines of “YOU’VE BEEN PRANKED BITCH”