What happened to KassaDee Nelson Parker and KennaDee?!?!

KennaDee Kay Nelson/Haddock and KassaDee Nelson/Parker have ran away 6,000 miles from home. Moving on with their life. Leaving their husbands. Learning a new language. The 25 and 23 year old have left to Japan “Where they used to live with their family”. They have not informed their family. They want to have “A better life”. If their family found out, they would say “It was a Christmas vacation and break for them 2 girls with special needs” They have posted a couple pictures on Instagram now and you can go check it out if you don’t believe this. They will stay there for up to 6 years. They will marry somebody different and hope their husbands don’t find out and stay out of touch with them. They are staying out of touch with anybody they know for at least 7 months. They will also try to find new friends. They just thought that their parents are too strict. Also being sick and tired of their siblings and having so many. They won’t even bother to help if their mom is pregnant again or one of their siblings is pregnant. If one of KassaDee or KennaDee is pregnant they will have no grandparents or uncles. Even if one of their other siblings are pregnant or get injured, they don’t care. They hate them. They already have a mansion with them that they are living in right now. They have no concerns. They are deleting all of social media by December 27, 2022. They said nobody will change their choice. If something goes bad then they will commit suicide. Try to keep up or be in contact as friends or love because you have the chance to meet them. They will have a meet and greet in Japan, Tokyo on December 14 at 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM. Don’t miss it, I hope you didn’t already. Do you have Concerns for them? They have no idea what to do for a job. They hope it is not too dangerous for them beauty queens.