Texas gunman rape case

The Texas gunman “Salvador Ramos” was accused of sexually assaulting and raping a 16 year old girl named “Khloe Everest”. Khloe states that her and the gunman met through her older brother when he was in 6th grade. She says that Salvador and her brother had been friends since 5th grade. What Khloe also stated in the interview, “He was very playful and a fun person to hang out with, until he had hit 8th grade.” Khloe mentioned that the gunman would sexually harass her online and in person, stating how he would kidnap her and rape her. “When I asked him why he was saying that stuff, he would just say he was joking, and then give me a hug and act like everything was perfectly fine.” Khloe states how he had very bad anger management issues and would get angry very easily. “There were times when he would blow up on me, I would literally be scared for my life.”

Khloe says that the gunman asked her if they could both be together. Out of fear, Khloe accepts the request. “I was scared if I said no to him, he was going to hurt me.” “Nobody knew if all the stuff he said he was going to do was true. Thats what made him scary.”

Khloe states that Salvador asked if he could come over to her house to hang out, and Khloe said yes. “At the time he had came over my house, my older brother and my mom were gone.” Khloe stated in the interview “I while after we got there, he was really mad about something but when i asked what was wrong, he wouldn’t tell me.” She sates that Salvador had started to “go off” on her when she asked. “He just went off on me, and then thats when he did it…” She claims Salvador held her on top of her bed and brutally raped her. “He would say thing like ‘its ok baby, daddys got you’, and then started laughing..” Khloe explains how she begged him to stop but he continued. “When he finally stopped, its like he realized what he had done, and started apologizing. But I was crying uncontrollably, and could barely speak.” She says he was rapidly apologizing and then hugged her. “A couple days after. “He just posted a video of himself like everything was normal. Like nothing had happened.” Khloe states that after she heard the news about the shooting, she was shocked. “I felt so bad for those little souls but felt relieved that he was dead. I could forgive him for what he did to me, but not for what he did to those poor babies.”