Investigator Reported Missing After Called to Investigate Decades-Old Factory

The investigator has entered the factory called Fazbear Inc. to investigate, and this facility is notoriously known for all of the incidents that were happening from each of the pizzerias that the factory owned.

Fazbear Inc. is a factory that is founded by Alison Bärrien, but he has been suspected to be the leader of a particular gang responsible for robbing the Machine created in 1943 from a Japanese hospital called Gilbert Facility, which this “machine”, whose function is currently unknown, is taken to Fazbear Inc. and used to make more of these suits that were made for every pizzeria that the factory owns.

Employees from the factory have reported that the conditions were “extremely gruesome” and “the owner demanded extremely strict obedience”. While these rumors have yet to be confirmed or disproven, there is a man that has been called to the case, and his name is Carson Takaliken.

He was last seen around 5 minutes until midnight, when he was on his way to the factory, only to never be seen again after that. The factory had also caught on fire for unknown reasons, but it could be that the factory had a sudden short circuit that caused the entire factory to go into flames.

That being said, it has been 5 days since the investigator has gone missing— either he has gone off the grid or he has died inside the fire, nobody knows for sure. After the fire destroyed the factory, police have looked into the remains of these suits that which recent information found that they were “torture suits” and they were used to punish workers who break 2 chances, 1 being forced to worship some idol in the form of a red jester that seems to be the god of the facility. Police suspected that there is such a suit with the same look, but it has not been found within the rubbles, so either it didn’t exist or it became one of the debris that is forever irrecoverable.