Flitwick Taxis Driver, Mr. Khann, Arrested For Kidnapping Teenage Girl

Flitwick Taxis, a well-known local taxi company for people wishing to travel locally in Bedfordshire, is under scrutiny after a worker allegedly kidnapped a 15 year old girl on her way home from babysitting.

Mr.Khann, the driver, was alerted about a client waiting for his services outside a local pub called ‘The Old Sun’, in Ampthill, the town next to Flitwick, where the taxi company is based. Unfortunately he then proceeded to collect 15 year old Keira, and drive her far from the desired destination, all the way to Blackpool; where he took her to a nightclub and bought her a glass of wine, pretending it was apple juice, which is very, very naughty of him. He then decided that he also wanted to pay for Keira’s university fees, so long as she took a computer science degree. Unfortunately, Keira accepted and now has been enrolled in Cambridge University, a place where a known sex offender attends, and her parents desperately want her back home.
Earlier today, her parents released a statement:
“Keira darl, come home- dishwasher needs unloading and my bloody back is killing again. Grab us a pack of smokes en route, love.”
According to reporters in the audience of the speech, their words left no dry eyes to be seen.
If you know the whereabouts of 15 year old Keira, we don’t care. Thanks for reading. Tea time.