Andrew Garfield, Found Murdered in Los Angeles home.

On December 17th, 2022, at 4:13 PM a person by the name of Joanna Jordan called the authorities of a young man screaming and 11 loud bangs. The police then showed up at approximately 4:18 PM. The authorities then entered the home as they heard approximately 19-gun shots. They squadded up the stairs and saw a young black male repeatedly stabbing Andrew. The LAPD then shot 43 times at the young man as he tried to run at the police. His name was DeMarcus Bartholomeu James III. He was Instantly killed after the 43 rounds. After the man was declared deceased in Andrew Garfield’s master bedroom, multiple paramedics ran to the end of the room next to the bed and saw Mr. Garfield unconscious. The paramedics then used an AED, automated external defibrillator, on Andrew. The Los Angeles paramedics then tried for about 47 minutes to the point where the AED told the paramedics to stop treatment. At 5:06 PM Andrew Garfield was pronounced Deceased at the scene.

At about 3:47 PM Alyssa Miller, Andrews Girlfriend left the home to go get groceries. 23 minutes later DeMarcus Bartholomeu James III entered the home. He then lurked around the house and stole many things like jewelry, papers, and even a kitchen knife. He then walked up the stairs with an ak-47 styled weapon and shot a whole magazine counting at 30 rounds. He then walked toward Andrew and stabbed him around 43 times. Thats when the LAPD arrived and shot the man.

Alyssa Miller sued the security guards that were supposed to be in and around Andrew Garfield’s house. The gates were also unlocked. Although there is security footage that is being investigated, we still don’t know why DeMarcus Bartholomeu James III did these crimes. There will be an Honorable service in Los Angeles and in New York City Near the Spider-man Graffiti. May the Amazing Spider-Man stay in our soul and great memories.