Who was Madison Borstoff? Why did she die? What did she do?

Madison Borstoff was a TikToker that liked to make videos with her parents and with her freinds too. She started her TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter carrer on June 21st, 2018. Her first TikTok video said “This is Madison Borstoff! I cant wait to make videos every day with you!’ Her first Instagram post was on the same day, and the post showed Madison in her bedroom on the floor. She was on Twitter, too. But, she quit her Twitter account on September 24, 2019 due to some mental health issues. Madison’s last post was made on November 1, 2022, dancing to Nicki Minajs single ” Super Freaky Girl’. Her last Instagram post was on the same day too, that showed her in a mask tryna protect herself. She got COVID the next day and rushed to the hospital. Madison later died on November 24, 2022, in the hospital from covid. She was 19.