Super Famous youtuber death update.

We all know this one super cool and sexy youtuber “oikmo” died one time, but, I bet that you didn’t know – is that he was raped to death – here’s what happened:

Richard “Oikmo” Vasectomy was just strolling the neighbourhood screaming the n-word like he did everyday – “He was just being his normal douchebag self” said a man who witnessed the raping live on the stage (this was performed in front of a live audience) – when all of a sudden, this black bitch walked up from behind holding a 9mm semi-automatic handgun (sideways), when he said “you’ll always be my little pogchamp. Blue love heart emoji” and he suddenly pulled down Oikmo’s trousers and pants, witnesses report that he fingered Oikmo before going in for the kill.

After Oikmo was done being fingered (he moaned the entire five minutes while being the fingeree) the man started fucking him vigorously, but apparently he got bored because he wasn’t cumming, so he threw Oikmo on the ground, opened his jaw wide open, and put his dick inside.

This was a bold move since Oikmo could’ve just started biting to bite the man’s dick off, but instead he went along with it (this was still in front an audience), this betrayed all of his wifes, husbands and daughters. Eventually the man started moaning (real loud, witnesses report), this indicated that he has started to cum in Oikmo’s mouth, but witnesses say that they saw Oikmo gulping the man’s cum at world record speeds.

When the man was empty, he simply walked away, the ambulance waiting for Oikmo when the whole thing happened took him to the hospital where they diagnosed him with aids, Stockholm Syndrome and symptoms of being fucked *real hard*, doctors say.

He eventually died when the man went to the hospital to say sorry that they couldn’t go anywhere private, but Oikmo died when he entered. An autopsy revealed that Oikmo’s brain had released a deadly dose of serotonin, a feel-good or pleasure chemical for the brain.

This was channel 46 news