SSSniperWolf Found Dead

SSSniperWolf (Alia Marie Shelesh) Was found dead at her home in Las Vegas Nevada, She had died due to her neighbor (Gigi Bethany Hartherd) getting mad at her and shooting her with a gun, Apparently she was making a video for her YouTube channel Little Lia, And why she was in the process of filming, The neighbors daughter (Amilia Jane Hartherd) was playing in the neighbors (Gigi Bethany Hartherd)’s yard, Amilia noticed the camera and went to her Mom, Gigi went to screaming at Alia that she was bothering her daughter and that she should f— off, Alia apologized and went to inside her house, When she got to her door she yelled back at Gigi and said stop being a Karen, Gigi got so furious she went inside Alia’s house with her gun and shot her four times.