Ramses Defeated by a Rookie?

Earlier this week, famous wrestler Ramses was set to fight Silencio, the winner of the battle royale style match that took place 2 days prior. Unfortunately, due to an unrelated injury, and according to eyewitness Esquelito, a new local wrestler, Silencio could not compete in the match (8). He also stated that opened the spot up for the second-place finisher (8), Nacho, also known as “Ignacio”.
It would seem that this contestant arrived in this position by pure luck seeing as prior to this, he had not won a single match. This local orphan and religious man had only recently been in the wrestling scene starting no more than a month ago, and as you would expect from such an inexperienced wrestler, many opponents defeated him with much ease. It was at this time that he joined the Battle Jam and as said by Ramses “The winner will fight Ramses” (6). However, In the battle royale match, he strategically avoided the other contestants, and secured himself second place.
This brings us to the final match earlier this week. The crowd was filled with excitement as the two fighters entered the ring, although Nacho has proven to be a favorite in the past due to his often-hilarious performance, it was clear who the fans where betting on this match, because for most, this seemed like an easy matchup for Ramses. Even Nacho seemed to have doubts as he claimed that it will be hard to beat Ramses because he is “number one” (9). During the first half of the match Ramses had the upper hand, often Nacho didn’t even have the chance to stand. Ramses, who believed the match would be quick and simple, started humiliating Nacho. Suddenly near the middle of the match Nacho gained a sense of inspiration as the orphans from the orphanage that he works at come in to support him. He got up from the floor and started throwing around Ramses, employing some of the same tactics that Ramses used against him, then finishing it of with his now signature eagle move.
After winning the match Nacho used his money to keep a promise he made weeks ago and buy the orphans a big bus to go on trips (8).