Leeds Utd sign Veteran striker

In a sensational move today Leeds United have moved to secure the signing of free agent John Cooley,head coach Jesse Marsch had urged the board to secure Mr Cooleys signature and it seems that he has got his man,Cooley (49) formerly of Dynamo Spencer was reluctant to speak as he arrived at Leeds training ground in his Renault Megane 1.5D, his reluctance was due to the fact that his driver’s window doesn’t work, however not to disappoint the waiting press he opened the door and gave a brief statement, I actually cannot believe I’m here, my sat nav took me around the world for a shortcut and the diesel light has been on for the last 25 miles so to say my sphincter is tight is definitely an understatement so it is so it was,Asked if he was match fit and ready to play against Bournemouth tomorrow Mr Cooley replied ‘ I haven’t been match fit in 20-years but i am twice the player Bamford is so bring it on,listen lads,ive a turtles head on here and may get in to the bog,nice speaking til yeez though’ ,exciting times at Leeds.# marching on together.