iamSanna’s sister Emma expose for murdering!?

Iamsanna’s populair youtuber of gaming the populair game “Roblox”, her sister gets exposed for murder. She has been exposed not long ago, what for her sister Sanna get her subscribers lost. Sanna have ever made some of videos with her sister “Emma”. In 2020 Emma have gotten a depresion because of her sisters channel, she started eating a lot of being depressed. Later she gets fat what of she get lots of hates depending Sanna, Her sister Emma have been found in a tree sleeping eithout food and drink for about 48 hours, shes been almost about to die.. near Emma have been found the innocent called “Wanessa Roslaniec” she was murdered by Emma not dar later Emma got blocked on all Sanna’s videos and have no more comminaction with the family for 64 years, she has been arrested for such a long time whats not only positive she have murdered. Sanna is getting away of hates and depression by more comminication with the “God”, and posting more positive videos. The news are not having a clue of this very yet. It has been expose just now! Stay for more informations.