Homestuck Spotted At PMS!

Students and teachers have been frantically reporting sightings of homestucks in PMS! Teachers and students alike are scared for their own safety, and have been avoiding school as much as possible. We have been searching for these disgusting people who put candy corn under their hats. Sightings include:

Lydi Burnt in 6th reports she has seen someone stuffing candy corn inside their hats and obsessing over towels for some odd reason. She said she was scared that they might see her and attack her with her ten pounds of make up. Her friend stepped in and said something along the lines of how Lydi has become a target with her large forehead being easy to spot, as it is seven miles long. She has been in hiding for the past days.

Autumn Monique’s sister who remains anonymous in 8th: “I’ve seen these terrifying sinners running around all over the schools. I’ve witnessed multiple accounts of people using numbers and other weird typing things and it is honestly terrifying. I’ve seen them also singing something that I think is ‘Karenlicious’ and it has traumatized me for life.”

Other reports and sightings have been pouring in quickly and many are terrified for their safety. Parents have even been taking their children out of school for their safety out of fear. We will put out more updates soon!

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