Get away from Ohio or else you’ll get the Ohio syndrome.

If you or a loved one is living in Ohio, then get them out immediately. The Ohio syndrome causes people to lose the train of thought when going into Ohio and forces them to become a monster called “Wretches”. They mostly stay in Ohio, so stay away from them, as soon as they see a human, they turn into a hostile state. If you get hurt or even touched, you have to stay calm but this syndrome will stay with you forever, if you lose focus and lose your sanity, you will slowly turn into them. We suspect that they stay in Ohio to stay with their friends, but they can raid at any moment, if they do, stay in your house and don’t go outside, they cannot swim, as soon as they touches the water, they evaporate. so if this happens, get water before they go out. Thank you for listening to our safety gui— WARNING WARNING THIS IS NOT A DRILL, COLLECT WATER AND LOCK YOUR DOO———————————————-.