FitMC commits a crime in 2b2t by killing a grandma

Fitmc comits a crime by killing a grandma in 2b2t in Minecraft. He uses crystals to explode her and loots her items. Most importantly, he puts the cell phones in his inventory. Can you find him? Find cell phone (about-face helmet, red hoodie) serial #(19255, 20315, no antenna), crystal (The Grimey Darkness) mode (2j2b c1t 14 [green] of block No.123), brofist (Hydrodes) -1 (2827, 309). Complaints with games from trolls, mafias and hackers are a regular thing on Minecraft forums and in the third person. This has changed for a while as it usually consists of defaming/trashing everyone’s precious projects. But not anymore, today’s enemy is (and he’s a real mafioso), someone who already harrassed and threatened forum moderators and others on Minecraft chatrooms. This small man, named Fitmc, is so intolerable that he has managed to ruin two games of minecraft and one game of swordcraft in the last few days. He is a troll/hacker who manages to ruin any project of other people by saying that he is the one who did the work (two mafias do not want to confirm that they are using HackMods) and that they are not appreciated. Then they try to steal and do bad things with their creations, which of course are praised by other mafioso and released on the community. On a few occasions, this boy can be found in third person, aiming his brofist at the administrator of the sites. The goal of his mission is to become the worst creeper in all of Minecraft (but it was defeated by an unstoppable group of followers: kappa, shrubis, amolife, zebra, ghostly, mafioso (they won’t tell him how he can cheat, as they don’t want to be banned)) and then leaves a sinister message, along with the screenshots: “The picture is a totally distorted picture from an other file I have. I find it amusing. If you don’t know who I am, it’s time to pay attention to your game. Start playing swordcraft for it’s true essence, or else you should quit.” Exclusive translation by triocus Nice artwork you got here. Developers (not including Minecraft developers) are concerned about the game security, especially after the big mess that happened with Paranautical Activity. I can tell you that even though no development team would admit it, they have paid attention to this threat. Our goal is to make your game more secure so no mafias can destroy your projects, your communication and your life. That is why HackMods has been created. What does it do? It contains an option to update Minecraft to the latest version. If you are using Windows, you can download it here. What will you find in this mod? Here are some videos to give you an idea of what HackMods can do: We’re releasing this mod together with three “sponsored mods”. You can see those: Which HackMods are supported by Hackmods? Everything, whether you have written HackMods in the application itself or if it’s an addon. This mod should also work with all vanilla mods, as it will only alter the game files. If you have any concerns, please ask for help on the forum. Last but not least: This is a beta release. If you have some ideas, please put it in the comments, Thank You.