Disturbing old photo out of context; another mystery yet uncovered, seemingly appearing to be a monkey trying to eat a dogs head

12 year old, Frisia Brothman appearing to be having a meltdown, “I pulled it away and it jumped in me! It jumped! The dogs safe, but the monkey is literally destroying our house,” she said, desperately waiting outside as trying to get everyone to safety. The toy monkey yesterday seemed to have a history of squeaking, jumping, and even hiding in the upstair halls as it seems haunted. “Possessed, it is. Ever since we got it, we can’t get rid of it. Our dogs love it, they just keep getting to it, and we don’t know how…” Grandpa Friedman Jones cries. It’d looked possessed, as it was spinning around. Little 3 year old Tasha Jones Larkin Broth-man screaming as the toy monkey looks like it is pulling her hair. “Poor people, but I’m not going inside that house. Who knows what those toys have been through,” investigator Jones Saul says. We are still trying to uncover this mystery. This is 12 news, and I’m Tess Phil’s. That’s all for today.