Dhar Mann has gone crazy!!!

Dhar Mann has gone crazy! He is constantly saying, “So you see…” and whoever says anything about it he will pummel them to death! His actors are saying, “All we did was say why? Then he started screaming and shrieking and covering his face!”. After the actors left, Dhar Mann had nothing. His wife left him and took all his savings. But did you think Dhar Mann was gonna let some hoe take his life savings? No! He grabbed her neck and started strangling her! “AUUUUGGHH!!!”, his wife screamed. Dhar Mann couldn’t give any fine fucks of what she had to say! She was yelling, “I’m sorry! Please! Please!!!” But Dhar Mann killed her anyway. After he was finished with her. He broke his studio and ate his actors. A few weeks ago, he ran from his studio because of a teenage couple spotting Dhar Mann’s headless wife on his stove. Dhar Mann said, “I can’t go back to jail!” And he ran for his freedom. But, a few days ago the police ran him over and now he is in jail doing time. The judge was smiling the entire time Dhar Mann was being sentenced. Dhar Mann said,” Suck my 1.5 inch di-” before a cop shot him in the head. Somehow, Dhar Mann survived and crawled to his cell. What will happen next? Only time will tell.