The Olivia Smith Case Explained

The Case of Olivia Smith, named Corpse in a Forest, is a case about a 16 year old girl and her best friend, and Olivia goes missing and gets abducted by a man she met online.

The story starts with Olivia Smith and her best friend Skyler Helm going camping at a campsite called Sky High Camp in a forest nearby both of their houses.

When they were in their cabin, Olivia got a message on her laptop from the man, named Jamie, asking her where she was.

The only reason Olivia Smith told Jamie where she was is because they had a very close relationship. She told him that she and her best friend, Skylar, were at Sky High Camp.

“Jamie” later arrived at the exact cabin they were in, and things escalated.
According to Skyler Helm, Olivia was hung from a tree by her ankles. The rest of what happened to Olivia that night is confidential.

After, and even during this case, it got a lot of attention. Most people felt sorry for Olivia. Some people thought she was stupid, because she just told a random guy where she was at. The case got so much attention, that even Dateline made an episode for it.

Later, Olivia was actually revealed to be alive, and when she was found, she confessed that she was forced to fake her death by Jamie so that he could take her away without people still looking for her.

Jamie was later revealed to actually be named Joshua Williams, and this wasn’t his first crime. He’d been arrested for another kidnapping and for assault. He escaped from jail both times. The police and even Olivia are afraid he might escape again.

SPD (Spokane Police Department) caught him when an unknown number messaged Olivia’s mother, and the police tracked that exact number and found Joshua (Jamie) and Olivia.

Joshua (Jamie) was sentenced to 16 years, because of Olivia’s age. It has been almost 2 years since the case closed (November 2020) and Jamie (Joshua) is still in jail and hasn’t escaped. But Olivia Smith recently said that she still expects it.

Written by Shy Smith