Sssniperwolf found dead

Alia Marie Shelesh AKA Sssniperwolf, was a 28 year old British youtuber found dead on August 18, 2021. Cause of death was an unexpected seizure while with her dogs and her boyfriend Evan. As she had the seizure she tried to tell Evan but she couldn’t. She previously told him that she wanted to do a video with him, 5 minutes after the seizure he came downstairs to see when she wanted to do the video, and saw her laying on the couch. Evan went to go check if she was still alive as it has been 2 hours later. He realized that there was no pulse. Evan then called 911. They couldn’t help him since no one knew how long Lia was dead for. Evan then got so overwhelmed with the news that Lia was dead, that Evan then had a heart attack and did not survive.