Skye Joans arrested.

Skye Jones (previously Skye Johnson) known for the cartoon version of her from the hit TV show Paw patrol it was recently arrest for domestic assault. She was arrested September 26th after into an argument with her ex-husband Chase alexander. Skye was married to chase from 2018 until they got divorce in 2022. Mister Johnson’s previously alleged that Miss jones abused her. Claim that were proven in court. The incident happened on September 3rd when Miss Jones knocked on Mister Johnson’s door and barged in. Miss Jones who was drunk at the time entered Mister Johnson’s residence and began to berate and threaten him. According to the police reports Miss Johnson picked up a knife and attempted to stab mister Johnson. Mister Johnson was able to grab the knife and take it from miss jones and held her until the Police arrived. The police arrived and arrested miss jones. she was charged with Attempted second-degree murder, possession of a dangerous weapon, criminal threats and burglary. She pleaded guilty during arraignment, and she was put into police custody before sentencing. During the sentencing Judge William H Smith said that what she did was heinous and deplorable. according to terms of the agreement the weapons burglary and threats charged were dropped if she pled guilty to Attempted and was to spend the minimum of 25 years. Mister Johnson who was not injured by the attack said on twitter that he appreciated everyone’s support and asked for privacy. miss jones will be eligible for parole after 16 years and three months in prison.