Office Pranks: From Getting Pranked By Bullies And Waking Up In The Hospital With His Legs Amputated, To Getting Buried Alive And Getting Fired After Getting Revenge On Workplace Bullies Who Pranked Him

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On September 14th, 2019, a man was getting pranked by his office bullies in a lot of different ways, including an office computer getting turned off after getting unplugged from an electrical outlet, eating a stapler for lunch and mistaking it for a sandwich, getting feces on his ear after one of his bullies called him on his cellphone, and a female doll getting deflated after mistaking it for his wife, which he found in the office sitting on a chair.
First part:

A month and ten days later, on October 24th, 2019, the man was pranked even worse than the start of getting pranked. The office pranks were all worse than the previous pranks, including closing the glass doors to prevent him from getting inside, his face being faxed on a sheet of paper he wrote multiple times in order to make fun of him, getting his leg burned from matchstick being lit on a sheet with his face in the dustbin, and almost getting killed after being electrocuted from sitting on an electrical outlet put on his chair, because of the goldfish bowl’s water being poured onto his shirt. In the hospital, he got seriously pranked by his bullies and his doctor after getting both of his legs accidentally amputated.
Second part:

Another month and four days later, on November 28th, 2019, he was having nightmares of getting his legs accidentally amputated. He woke up in a wooden coffin buried alive by his workplace bullies placing dirt above his coffin with an excavator. After getting buried alive next to the excavator and abandoned in his coffin, he screamed for help, but his cries and screams of distress for help were muffled.
Third part:

And another month and nineteen days later, on January 16th, 2020, the man escaped from his coffin in his burial place, covered in dust and waiting for a lot of time to go to work on foot. After that, he went to work a bit late, still covered in dust, making the director know that the man was late. The bullies laughed at him, causing him to get revenge and become their bully, through pranking one of his bullies with a cup of coffee with salt. One of the bullies is crying because of the cup of coffee with salt prank, which of course, caused the the bullies and the other employees to make the director fire the man who did the revenge prank on one of the bullies, which of course, made the director fire the man who got revenge on the bullies from work. After getting fired from work because of the revenge prank on his bullies, the man started crying. It’s currently been two years since the man got fired, and he is never coming back again after getting revenge on the workplace bullies who pranked him three years ago.
Final part: