Herschel Walker May Be The Father To 50 Antifa Kids!

Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker recently went on a media tirade against NFL players who took a knee or sat during the playing of the national anthem.

Mr. Walker went on to say that, “they’re lying and they’re proud of themselves.”

Mr. Walker: if your protest is only about your right to protest, then the players don’t have to listen. If your protest is about racial equality, then the entire nation should be forced to listen. If your protest is about equality, you have to sit at home.

On Friday, Herschel Walker reminded us that America is indeed a nation of rules.

However, his contention that kneeling during the national anthem is racist is ridiculous.

At the time of the 2016 presidential election, I wasn’t a huge fan of Donald Trump’s political beliefs. In fact, Mr. Walker is the same Republican who went on ESPN and had his butt handed to him by anchor Michelle Beadle.

Yesterday, Herschel Walker announced that he would be working with Republican politician Scott Walker because they share the same last name.

Scott Walker tweeted out a picture of Herschel, saying, “This guy knows football, more than most.”

There are dozens of successful Republicans out there, so why pick the Black Republican candidate whose political philosophy is basically being anti-social welfare and pro-slavery?

Republicans should lose votes because they refuse to be pro-social welfare and pro-law-abiding citizens.