YouTube is being banned at 9/2/22 at 11:30 PM!

The creators of YouTube, Jawed Karim, Steve Chen, and Chad Hurley, decided to ban YouTube. Some say there has been tons of negative comments and videos and hating other people, and there has been complaints about people arguing with people. Some people even say that there has been people committing suicide from the negative comments and videos. Currently, the creators are trying their best right now to delete YouTube and make it unlisted from apps, and all social media. Creators say that they will most likely finish deleting everything by September 2nd at 11:30 PM. They’re working hard and fast. Jawed Karim said that they got a couple lawsuits from the familes of the people who killed themselves. Chad mentions that his sister had suicidal thoughts before because of the negative comments and videos based on her. Chad also says that she had to go to therapy for 2 years because of the people whose sending the videos and comments. “My sister seen a couple comments and videos based on her, and she decided to watch them because she was tagged on it. It didn’t say anything horrible or bad in the title, it said, ‘MUST WATCH! @(sisters channel)’ and she watched it and it was just horrible. The person who made the video was calling her names and was talking about how she shouldn’t live, and so my sister was thinking about her own life and then she got depression after a couple comments and videos”. Steve wanted to delete YouTube before, but now he is. “YouTube was big after a while, but I wanted to delete it a couple years after we made it because of the negative people. We created YouTube for entertainment, not arguing. Now that there is lawsuits and suicide, we have no choice other than to delete it”. You may watch YouTube for until the famous app is deleted, but once it hits 11:30PM, you won’t be accessed to it. You may get your money back from buying premium, and the app will be deleted off your devices, and the link to YouTube won’t work anymore.