XTRA Gaming is coming back under new ownership

On the morning of September 5th, 2022, the news came out that professional gaming organization XTRA Gaming has a new owner. Peter (Cobra) M has requested that we keep his last name off this article. Peter (Cobra) M claims to have experience running a team, with a team he called Prism Gaming NA. He ran the team since 2019 and when asked about XTRA he said “I feel confident I can bring this wonderful team back to its prime. Prism was fun, but you realize that sometimes you have to let go of something close to you to have more room to grow.” Channel 46 New’s Robert Simmons says that Peter was great to talk to and sounded extremely confident in what’s to come for XTRA. Peter also stated that he plans to bring back as many members as possible, but he understands if they don’t want to return. In November of 2021 allegations came out that XTRA Gaming’s previous owner Manny (Sly) Vieites had demanded that one of their members not talk about a sexual assault situation that took place. He then took a lot of hate online and every member of the team left, and they disbanded XTRA Gaming. When asked about this Peter said “It was a terrible thing that took place that can never happen again. I want all the players that join to understand that I am their friend and anything they need, that I can help with I will.”

This was Johnathan Billons of Channel 46 News