Two Reported Dead in New York by Their Best Friend

A 911 call was made after a thing called, Paper, and another thing named Taco, were on camera walking outside with another friend, Chicken. Then that’s when the police received a call that Paper and Taco were dead after a friend, The Wall, witnessed then called 911 immediately. “It was completely unexpected and shocking,” the The Wall, shared. “I couldn’t believe Chicken could do such a thing to my friends.” After shocking witnesses who were very disappointed in upset in their mutual friend, Chicken, had a gun in it’s possession, The Wall, The Ceiling, The Floor, The Window 1, The Window 2 and The Door all mourn together because of the dear loss of Paper and Taco. Chicken has been reported as a runaway after the death of the two. If you have seen Chicken, please report to the police as they are trying to find them so everyone is safe. There’s rumors that Chicken was hanging around Squirrel so please be on alert. Please, lock your doors & windows, nobody is safe at these times. Any updates will be posted when something happens. Call your loved ones because they could be next lol.